Marketers Drinking Beer returns for another live recording , this time from Don Tito in Arlington, Virginia.

This special Association edition of Marketers Drinking Beer focuses on marketing for and to associations, with special guests:

*Ben Muscolino of AMSJobs:
*Ronald McGrath of HighRoad Solutions:

As well as the usual cast of co-hosts: Paul Gannon, David Martin, and Patrick Dorsey

The guys enjoy some beers (and shots), while discussing:

*Extreme domaining and domain leasing
*Running a job board website in a niche market
*Results from publishing unique LinkedIn video content
*Patrick and Dave’s experience at ASAE Marketing Membership & Communications Conference:
*Analytics and reporting automation for associations
*Managing association data
*Digital transformation for associations
*What DIDN’T happen at ASAE MMC
*Dave’s session at ASAE MMC, covering artificial intelligence(AI) marketing for associations
*The book “Niche Down” by Christopher Lochhead and Heather Clancy:
*Creating a new niche
*Helping associations build and use marketing technology stacks
*Marketing vs. Communications
*Marketing trends in the association space
*How to make a marketing automation platform “stick”
*The next big thing in the association marketing automation space

Check out Don Tito:

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