Episode 003 of Marketers Drinking Beer was filmed LIVE from The Limerick Pub.

On this episode of Marketers Drinking Beer, we discuss new conversational display ads from AdLingo,  LinkedIn algorithm changes, the secret to WeWork’s rapid growth, some of the guys’ favorite new tools, and how Google is bait-and-switching content creators. All this and more on the latest Marketers Drinking Beer.

This episode’s hosts are:

7:55 – Before getting to Wort on the street, we welcomed on Tom Stanton, co-owner of The Limerick Pub, where we’ve recorded our last four shows.

Tom explains how, after being in business over 7 years, they are renewing their focus on digital marketing, in particular social, to grow their customer base. Tom also shares a fun way he’s getting existing customers to spend time on their website, and explore all their offerings in the process.

19:25 – In this week’s Wort on the Street, the segment during which we discuss hot news from the marketing world, we cover:

41:22 –  In this episode’s Head to Head, the segment in which we deep dive into a single topic, the panel discusses a recent talk given by Rand Fishkin, at Brighton SEO Conference, about Google’s Trojan horse strategy that’s gotten content creators to provide Google with free content, while depriving them of clicks – particularly on mobile.

Here is that presentation:

52:20 – In the Tool Keg, where each host shares one of the favorite new marketing tools:

  • Paul shares the Cadrage viewfinder app, that makes it easy for photographers and filmmakers to plan out shot.
  • Dave tells us about Watson Finds, a WordPress plugin powered by IBM’s Watson AI engine, that analyzes your writing, and scores it on five points of emotion.
  • Patrick is loving Canva, a quick and easy way to create all kinds of marketing graphics

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