Episode 003 of Marketers Drinking Beer was filmed LIVE from The Limerick Pub.

On this episode of Marketers Drinking Beer, filmed live from The Limerick Pub in Wheaton, MD, the panel of co-hosts discuss Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo, influencer marketing with Pintrest, Salesforce’s new voice solution for conversational CRM, and whether content is still king, or if we need to transcend storytelling, and focus more broadly on Customer Experience (CX).

Jennifer Rogers, co-founder of Brawling Bear Brewing, also stopped by with two beers:


Low Blow

Blonde Ale

Just like an all action brawler, this blonde ale never disappoints the crowd. With it’s easy drinking maltiness and crisp finish, this blonde is a fan favorite.

ABV: 6% | IBU: 63

The Fight

Coffee Stout

The Fight Coffee Stout is a collaboration brew that blends coffee from Indonesia with a traditional dry stout. More about The Fight.

ABV: 6.7% | IBU: 20

See Brawling Bear’s Full Selection of Beers | Where to Buy Brawling Bear Beer


1:15 – Introductions:

Tom Lehman was touring Europe, so Paul Gannon, David Martin, and Patrick Dorsey were joined by special guest, Kirstin Crane of Crane Concepts.

Kirstin’s marketing experience spans more than 20 years, and includes strategic marketing, advertising and social media, to content development, digital marketing, event planning and graphic design.

She serves clients in a variety of markets, including information technology, education, energy, federal, state and local governments, healthcare, publishing and travel.

4:38 – The co-hosts then welcome Jennifer Rogers of Brawling Bear.

Jenn Rogers is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Brawling Bear Brewing. Started in late 2016 with a dream for accessible, drinkable, craft beer that everyone could enjoy, Brawling Bear now manufactures and distributes their craft beer in the state of Maryland.

When Jenn isn’t hustling the Bear, you will find her filing reports to the “man”, developing new recipes, and working as the in-house graphic designer!

Before this, Jenn was a Vice President of a food and beverage company where she directed the activities of the manufacturing facility. In her spare time she enjoys backyard brewing, mountains, hiking, and road tripping with her husband, Marquette, and their twins.

13:55 – In this episode’s Wort on the Street segment, in which each host brings a couple hot topics from the marketing world to the table:

  • Salesforce launches Einstein Voice for ‘conversational CRM’
  • Pinterest launches Marketing Partners program for Influencers
  • Adobe acquires Marketo
  • The effectiveness of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign
  • YouTube is replacing textbooks in classrooms across America
  • Fortnite’s wild success
  • The value of remarketing lists
  • Going back to basics with newsletter best practices


32:49 – The results for last episode’s poll are discussed, and a new poll topic is announced:

Last month we asked if you use chatbots:

This month we’re asking, “more hops or less hops?”


37:20 – In this episode’s Head to Head, a segment we use to explore a single topic in depth, we discuss whether content is still king, or if a broader focus on Customer Experience (CX) is warranted.


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A special thanks to The Limerick Pub, Brawling Bear, and all of you watching, listening, and helping the show grow!

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