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Episode 003 of Marketers Drinking Beer was filmed LIVE from The Limerick Pub.

This episode’s featured beers are brewed by Waredaca Brewing Co.

White Flag

Belgian Wit w/ Thai Basil

“A smooth, creamy Belgian Wit beer with Thai Basil added after fermentation. Orange and Coriander are also added to compliment the clove aromatics from the Belgian Wit beer yeast. Low alcohol and great to enjoy during warm spring and summer days.”

ABV: 4.7 %



“This malty but crisp lager is our interpretation on the Marzen/festbeir category.  As with all of our beers, it is crisp and clean due to 2 month of aging.  Nice lager characteristics.  Copper in color and easy drinking.  Not overly sweet.  All German Malt.”

ABV: 5.7% | IBU: 15

See Waredaca’s Full Selection of Beers | Where to Buy Waredaca Beer

This episode’s co-hosts are, once again:

01:34 – Introductions

Dave has kicked things off at his new job by focusing on how his marketing department is currently operating, and the processes behind it.

Tom published his big AMS study in July, and is actively working on a business plan for a new venture in a trillion dollar industry.

Patrick recently launched phase one of his website redesign, and had a successful trip to ASAE Annual 2018.

And Paul just returned from shooting a mini-documentary for a manufacturing company in Kansas.

05:25 – The co-hosts also welcome their special guest, Brett Snyder of Waredaca Brewing Co.

Brett Snyder is the co-founder of Waredaca Brewing Co., located in Laytonsville, Maryland. He shares Waredaca’s story of how they got started, and how they fit into the broader Maryland brewing ecosystem.

Brett then introduces White Flag, their Belgian Wit with Thai basil, as well as their soon-to-be-released (Aug. 30) take on a Marzen festbier, Camptoberfest. (See their full section of beers, and where to find them.)

The co-hosts try both these beers for the first time, and share their opinions.

22:00 – In this week’s Wort on the Street segment, in which each host brings a couple hot topics to the table:

40:04 – The results of last month’s MDB poll are announced, as well as the topic of this month’s poll.

This month, The Marketers ask, are you using chatbots at work, and how?  Go cast your vote!

42:04 – In this episode’s Head to Head, the segment in which we deep dive into a single topic, the panel discusses conversational marketing.

Dave gives us an introduction to conversational marketing, a term coined by Drift.io, and explains how, in a world of unlimited supply, there’s no time to waste when it comes to engaging prospective customers.

Paul shares his personal experience with using Drift on his agency website.

Patrick likes the potential, but sees limitations in the ability of chatbots to truly recreate the human element needed to make a real connection.

Tom loves the ideas of being able to instantly interact with people, but finds the implementation often slides into interruptive marketing, which he’s not a fan of.

51:00 – In this edition of Formidable Fermentations, the segment where we answer viewer questions:

One viewer asks for input on how to handle the expansion of a brand into new product lines, and how to hold onto their brand value, without changing their domain name.

Coming Up…

Kirstin Crane of Crane Concepts will be joining the show, filling in for Tom, on September 27th at The Limerick Pub.

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