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In our pilot episode, we did things a little differently, as we actively figured out our show format.

For one, we sample two different beers, something we decided to scrap in favor of sampling a single beer, so it could be fully appreciated. Nonetheless, it was fun pitting two beers local to the DC-area against one another in our taste test.

You’ll also quickly notice that the audio quality is far below our desired standard, something we quickly rectified for Episode 002. While the audio isn’t ideal, the conversation is excellent, and we hope you enjoy this early look at the show!


00:55 – Things start off with an introduction to our regular cast of co-hosts:


01:27 – The co-hosts jump right in and taste the first beer, Trail Angel Weiss by Devils Backbone Brewing Company, out of Vienna, VA.

Trail Angel Weiss is a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen that is honey colored and light to medium in body with a fruity, spicy finish. The recipe for Trail Angel Weiss has been brewed since day one at Devils Backbone and is the style of beer that inspired founders Steve & Heidi Crandall to build their own brewery!  Honey, Banana, Clove.

04:50 – The gang then starts discussing the first marketing topic of the evening: Will artificial intelligence ever replace marketers in the workplace?

Our introduction to the topics come from the CNBC article, Marketing Will Never Be Done By Robots.

Dave comes out the gate with strong position on AI, saying it’s only a matter of time before almost everything gets automated.

Patrick has a more humanist view on the subject, claiming AI will never really be able to replicate human emotion.

And Tom is somewhat suspicious of both views.

The conversation sways to the automation of reporting, and how tools like Automated Insights are freeing up time previously spent generating reports, before leading to a deeper conversation of the role of emotion in marketing to B2C and B2B audiences, and the difference between the two.


20:04 – It was then time for the second, and arguably more adventurous beer, Feed the Monkey by Jailbreak Brewing of Laurel, MD.

A german style hefeweizen that combines traditional notes of clove and banana with subtle citrus aromas and flavors to provide balance and complexity.

With this hefeweizen, there’s no fruit required — we’ve got that covered.

21:02 – From there, we get to know the co-hosts a little better by discussing what they’ve been up to lately in their work.

  • Dave Martin is getting comfortable in his new role as Director of Marketing
  • Patrick Dorsey is prioritizing marketing technologies and tactics
  • Tom Lehman shares insights into his upcoming Industry Report
  • And Paul Gannon is scaling video testimonial production on an international level

30:15 – Tom goes on to share an interesting article from eMarketer, How to Transform into a Modern Marketing Department, which asks the question, “what marketing activities should you bring/retain in-house vs. what do you outsource?” This leads to an in-depth discussion with many differing points, perspectives, and begs additional questions.

45:07 – Finally, the panel takes a question from the audience: “What are one or two of the most important practices for establishing authority and building a brand online?”

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