A recent study confirms the role smart assistants (Siri, Alexa, Assistant, etc.) play in our buying decisions.

Our resident statistician, Tom Lehman, helps us interpret the results.

Read the full story: https://www.npr.org/about-npr/553486574/npr-edison-research-release-part-two-of-the-smart-audio-report

Watch the full episode here: https://marketersdrinkingbeer.com/show/003/

Video Transcript:
– If Alexa says it’s a good product, it must be, right?

– Eh…

– I mean, would you make a purchase based on a smart speaker recommendation? Well it turns out, a lot of people do. There aren’t a huge number of people making purchases over smart speakers yet, but the overwhelming percentage of those people say that on occasion, they’ve taken the recommendation from Alexa or Siri over the brand they had intended to purchase, and sometimes at a more expensive price. I mean we all know that the role that reviews have played. And it’s difficult in an audio environment to browse products or hear reviews. So, people are apparently turning to the smart speaker advice, the shopper advice. So, it would seem that if you’re marketing products online, you not only have to keep the customers happy, but you have to keep these virtual assistants happy. And as we all know from the google experience, those algorithms change frequently – that’s a pretty big challenge for marketers I think.

– Yeah, huge. Huge.

– I think we could say a lot more of this, because my alma mater, St. Louis University was the first university in the country this fall semester to put an Alexa in every dorm room for each student.

– Wow. And what’s the purpose?

– To provide them with access to the powers of Alexa.

– The encyclopedia of the world.

– Yeah. So, I bring this up because, I mean this is – these markets are being created just around voice.

– Yes.

– So it’s gonna be…

– Well, and Alexa’s skills, there’s been this incredible growth in the skills, which are apps basically for Alexa. So skills have gone from like 5000 only like three years ago to 30,000. I saw this this past week, which was pretty exciting. It’s like the growth of apps initially.

– Amazing. Yeah.

– Okay moving on.

– If you’re in brand management, I think it’s a pretty big..

– Yep. Patrick, you’re on. Timer’s on.

– Yep. So I read an article this week – not this week, but earlier in the month. And it was very timely as we were launching this new website and developing a lot of content. And it was really about humor in advertising and marketing. And they were referencing a recent campaign, like Jack in the Box, a fast food burger chain, which was coming out with…

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