Will the war on device addiction help or hurt your marketing efforts?
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Video Transcript:

– It just caught my attention, ’cause it strikes me as just a little bit odd, and I’m not entirely sure that I trust these guys. But this notion of, that these efforts to curtail device and app addiction, right.

Just want to let everybody know we’re gonna start doing a Marketers Drinking Beer poll. For this week we’re gonna do the poll on, will the war on device addiction, that we talked about earlier, is that gonna help or hurt your marketing efforts? So you’ll see that there.

Well it’s showing up in the new iOS. Suppliers including Microsoft and Apple, they claim to be acting on behalf of their users, so they don’t want their users to get addicted to their devices, can that be true? Do we believe that?

– I’m skeptical.

– Is it just a PR thing, to try to get parents on their side?

– I think they’re gonna try to monetize it.

– What’s the ulterior motive here, or is there? I mean we’re so cynical, it’s terrible.

– If you think about it, I mean, there are all these data about how many times people pick up their phones. It’s like, every 10 minutes or something. And so, you’re one of those people, I’m one of those people. When I pick up the phone, what am I hoping to find?

– You now can have a special deep feed based on what subject is more relevant to you. So it almost focuses all of us marketers to go to those personas and really provide value to focus on the outcomes, what are you trying to achieve. But you just can’t have content for the sake of content, right?

– That’s what makes a difference, and a lot of marketers are focused on all the stuff they’re just doing instead of, what are the outcomes it’s producing for you.

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