This live video was recorded prior to #Inbound2018

The co-hosts speculate over the new Hubspot product updates to be announced at Inbound 2018, including deeper integration with video, enterprise-grade solutions and more.

See the full list of Hubpot updates from Inbound 2018:

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Video Transcript:
– A big show coming up for HubSpot, due to release some major new stuff at Inbound, their Inbound meeting in, what is it, September fourth through seventh in Boston. I ran into you at Inbound once. Did I not?

– Yeah.

– You seemed happy at the time. I thought it was a horrible show.

– It was a long time ago.

– I spent most of my time in the agency sessions, because my company didn’t know that I was leaving. Marketing HubSpot, Marketing Hub Enterprise, is getting all sorts of new stuff, a new bot builder. How bout that? We’re gonna be talking a little bit about that in a minute. Improved analytics, their Sales Enterprise product is getting sales playbooks. That’s gonna allow users to build libraries and best resources and practices for selling, and HubSpot Video is powered by Vidyard, and it’s gonna have a lot of new hookings into both of those products, which will allow people to do tons of video in various stages, so I’m a big fan of that.

– They’re powered by Vidyard, meaning they’re moving away from Wistia then, I guess.

– I don’t think they were ever…

– They were pretty tight with Wistia.

– Were they?

– I like the bigger marketing.

– I’m a former Vidyard customer. They did great work for us; we really liked them a lot.

– Yeah, I heard about from the marketing side, they’re finally coming out with an enterprise-level marketing automation platform. They’ve always focused on small to medium sized businesses, but for enterprise level organizations that are much bigger, that have a lot different requirements, you didn’t go to them. You went to Albacore, you went to Marketo, and you went to IBM, whatever, ‘ and now they’re moving up the chain to go after the enterprises.

– That’ll be interesting cause their sweet-spot is that small to medium size. They own it.

– That’s right.

– They can maintain that. That’s a crowded market, up there.

– I know, but they’re pretty awesome. Alright, that’s it for me. Next one?

– Yeah man, go.

– I saw an article recently by New Breed. It was a blog post they wrote about the death of the marketing funnel.

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