News out of Amazon is that Jeff Bezos has banned Powerpoint presentations in executive meetings to make them more productive.

Dave Martin brings this story to the table in Episode 003 of Marketers Drinking Beer:

Video Transcript:

– I saw an article recently that talks about how Jeff Bezos at Amazon has banned PowerPoint in executive meetings. So basically, what they’re doing is no PowerPoints, no bullets. When someone is coming up with a new topic as they would do today with a PowerPoint, they are writing a six page document. At the first 30 minutes of the meeting everybody reads this six page document. Can you imagine sitting in a meeting with executives, or any meeting for that matter. And everybody is sitting there consuming it, because no one’s gonna to read it ahead of time, probably, right? And everybody spends time to properly consume it, and then they have a discussion about it. What he talks about, is that, bullets don’t inspire people, but stories do. And so it’s about getting more into narrative, away from bullet point, death by bullet point, and other organizations, Elon Musk is doing this. Richard Branson is doing this. CEO of Google is doing this, so it seems like a bit of a trend there. Story telling, you know because I’ve been talking a lot about story telling in one of the books which I’m 10 pages in.

– What page are you on now?

– 10.

– Still on 10

– You were on seven the last time

– I had a busy month.

– I left it at his house. He read it.

– I read the whole thing.

– He wasn’t that impressed, but anyway, so that’s one. The other one I’ve got is–

– Well, wait a minute, we’re going to go one-by-one.

– One-by-one, okay, alright.

– You’re up, Tom. 120, Tom.

– You know, I read that article about the Amazon, and what I didn’t get from the article, was whether it’s cut down on meetings. It seems like it would–

– It’s meant to cut down on meetings

– And I know its a big transition–

– You know it makes the meetings more productive because you’re not sitting there getting hammered over the head with a PowerPoint.

– But do you think its also eliminated some meetings?

– I don’t know.

– Seems like–

– I wouldn’t want to write the six page document.

– Who wants to write the six page document?

– Yeah, really.

– There you go.

– That’s commitment.

– There you go.

– So, moving right along.

– If Alexa says it’s a good product it must be, right? I mean, would you make a purchase based on a smart speaker recommendation? Well, it turns out a lot of people do.

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