Patrick brings a story to the table about the MLB commissioners criticism of Mike Trout and his need to market himself better. Plus, how this can apply to businesses that AREN’T major league baseball, in this episode’s Wort on the Street.

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– Washington D.C. just hosted the Major League All-Star Game last month. And there are a lot of articles that came out about the strength of Major League Baseball marketing themselves baseball, you know it’s boring and the games are too long. They need to do a better job of marketing compared to the NFL, NBA, and certainly all the different things that are occupying people’s attention span. And there was a lot of articles generated back by a comment the Major League Baseball Commissioner made about Mike Trout. You know, Mike Trout, one of the best baseball players in the world, right, you know. Historically has numbers that compare with all the Hall of Famers.

– That’s right.

– Doesn’t do a good, doesn’t market himself. He needs to do a better job of marketing himself. And it made me think about, from a marketing standpoint, with our customers, Impexium’s grown 150 customers in the last three years. You know, how can we build an influencer marketing program, like Mike Trout would be an influencer from Major League Baseball, with clients, that you know like Mike Trout, who doesn’t want to bring attention to himself, he just wants to play baseball. Right, he’s like, he certainly admits like, “I want to play baseball, I don’t want to do commercials, I want to be involved in causes, you know, maybe from a non-profit charity standpoint that are important to me. I don’t care about repping a soft drink.” In a similar software world, we have a software, how do we find these customers that have a day job? You know that have other commitments, time, family as well. I want them to tell the great stories of what they’re doing to support their communities, their customers, with my software, it’s not always an easy ask. Right? And how do you get people to move from like, hey, you’re doing something great, could I have time to film you, write a case study, get a testimonial. There’s just an interesting way to look at it, because there are certainly a lot feedback on what Major League Baseball is doing. And it was a good opportunity for us to reflect on what can we do to not just ask when we need something. It kinda goes to Dave’s flywheel. It has to be a continuum, if we’re always engage with them. And it’s not really an ask, it’s like, hey that’s a great story, let’s tell it. Right, because it’s not marketing.

– That’s a good point.

– Moving on. Bob, for the last time, we’ve all encountered people who won’t like, ” You need to do some marketing.” Well can you write something for us? ” No.” – That’s a great story.

– At least they’re not million dollar, you know, multi million dollar person. Anyway, so does everybody remember our friend Jim Kelly, formerly of Ciscom?

– Yeah.

– So we’re gonna actually use a case study of his later on in the show.

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