Tom brings more tech-related news to the table in this episode’s Wort on the Street, with interesting developments on how firefighters in California are making use of Augmented Reality in combating forest fires.

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Video Transcript:
– So, I didn’t bring my goggles tonight, my virtual reality goggles.

– Praise the Lord we did not have that to do.

– But continuing on that theme the explosion of this continues to happen. In California, the California firefighters are now using an augmented reality app. And this takes a live feed from an aerial shot and superimposes on it where the fires are taking place where all the fire crews are, where all the equipment is, where the safe spots to evacuate in the case of a blowback all of this in real time for everyone involved, including the drone operators, and the aircraft pilots. They all have the same information and communicate with each other. As you know in fires when you get those unexpected blowbacks when the wind changes it can become very dangerous. All of this coordinates on top of the real feed.

– I get blowback but it’s usually from my wife.

– Yeah, yeah, well, you need a safe spot.

– Wow.

– If you had an app.

– I’m not touching that.

– You put on the virtual goggles, and don the goggles, it might be a safe zone.

– So I’m going to do a second.

– You can buy blowback.

– I’m gonna do a second one real quick which is involves what’s called haptics in virtual reality which is where you get the sense of touch. And you get the sensation of substance. So they’re using it to train surgeons, so when you push the scalpel it goes deeper, you hit a bone, you feel it. So the haptics, this is all, I mean, we’re not gonna become surgeons, probably.

– Speak for yourself.

– Or you might not become a firefighter but all this stuff.

– Speak for yourself.

– Is going to migrate into our world really fast and have all kinds of implications for marketers, I think.

– Very interesting.

– Patrick, you’re up!

– Last month in Wheaton, Maryland for those that haven’t figured it out yet is outside of Washington DC.

– Really?

– Yes, I know.

– Who knew?

– Now everybody does, right? Reminding viewers, I’m driving them home. Exactly, so Washington DC just goes to the Major League Baseball All-Star game last month. And there were a lot of articles that came out of that about the strength in Major League Baseball marketing themselves as baseball.

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