Paul shares some creative ways to source video from happy customers in E003’s Wort on the Street.

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Video Transcript:

– But for our purpose, he and I were chatting the other day, and I had a manufacturing video in mind, and I told him I was goin’ out to Kansas, and he said “I’ve got a client, what they do is their sales reps “go down onto the factory floor, as products are comin’ out. “And the video tape a product for the customer.” And it’s like a video selfie going “Hey! “You know, I just wanna let you know, “your whatever-it-is is comin’ off the floor, “we’re gonna ship it FOB to your dock, “from our dock to yours. “It looks freakin’ great, and we would really appreciate it “if you would make a video of it, “or a picture of it in action.” So there’s that focus on the end result of the product. And he says customers freaking love it.

– That’s great.

– And it’s just a smartphone!

– Yeah.

– You just go down the shop, hey!

– Yeah.

– And I’ve got a couple things on the show notes, you can click and see the videos. “Hey, your glasses are comin’ out and they look great, “I can’t wait to ship them to you, “please show me, get me a picture, “of these things working in the real world.” So I just thought that was–

– That’s awesome.

– Just another great use of video. Easy, cheap, everybody oughta do it.

– I think you should be tasting that coriander from the traditional white, and then you should get the spice of the Thai basil on the back end.

– Ooh. That’s interesting.

– That is awesome, I love it.

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